As a non-profit theatre arts and community organization, charitable contributions are vital to our mission of producing wonderful Orange County stage productions while also enriching and engaging our youth in theatre education.
The Westminster Community Playhouse (WCP) is completely comprised of volunteers.  Passionate community artists lend their talents in set design, lighting/sound design and operation, stage management, box office, ushering, costumes, props, building management, photography/video, media, and the list goes on.

But we cannot succeed without you...and now we need you now more than ever.

Your generous gift is a great support to us.  When the time comes to reopen our theatre doors we will be eager to welcome you back with more wonderful productions.  Until then, we are thankful to utilize your generous gift to support us with Theatre maintenance and prep for our 2021-2022 season. Thank you.


Piggy Bank



Candace Beck
Bryan and Barbara Betz
Steve Blue
Alison Boole
Brooks-Anne Crumley
Susan Ferraro
Mary Jane Foster
John Francis
Priscilla Gonzalez
Christi Guardiola
Janet Gyerman
Judith Hendler
Sarah Hoeven
Akiko Iseri
Eric Johns
Alberta Karch
James Katapodis
Deborah Kroner
Janice Lysiak
Omri Marian
Robert May
Wayne Mayberry
Thomas McGee
Yvonne Miles
Kati Moore
Hoang Nguyen
Rick Paap
Alyssa Pan
Jim Perham
Laura Powell
John Rinde
Laurie Robbins
Albert Rowuin
Eric Schiffer
Keith Somers
Maya Somers
Gregory Stokes
Betti Wilson
Douglas Wood