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Colored Theatre Lights
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Directed by: Stephen Gomer

Musical Director: Bill Wolfe 

Choreography by: Jennifer Kornswiet


Sunday, March 10th, 6pm

Monday, March 11th, 7pm


**Note for all Singers, please have a 32-bar cut and a second piece option as well and preferably in the appropriate character choice you are auditioning for.**


Please bring a resume and photo along with music in your vocal range.

These are non-union, non-paying roles and there is no charge to audition.


Call Backs:

Wednesday March 13th

Westminster Community Playhouse
7272 Maple Street, Westminster CA 92683 
May 17 to June 9th, 2024
(Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm;
Sundays at 2 pm)

In a Berlin nightclub, as the 1920's draw to a close, a garish Master of Ceremonies welcomes the audience and assures them they will forget all their troubles at the Cabaret. With the Emcee's bawdy songs as wry commentary, Cabaret explores the dark, heady, and tumultuous life of Berlin's natives and expatriates as Germany slowly yields to the emerging Third Reich. Cliff, a young American writer newly arrived in Berlin, is immediately taken with English singer Sally Bowles. Meanwhile, Fräulein Schneider, proprietor of Cliff and Sally's boarding house, tentatively begins a romance with Herr Schultz, a mild-mannered fruit seller who happens to be Jewish. Musical numbers include "Willkommen," "Cabaret," "Don't Tell Mama"And "Two Ladies."
Character Descriptions:
Master of Ceremonies (Emcee)
• Host at the Kit Kat Club -- a gender-nonconforming-presenting, exuberant figure; comfortable with being close to the audience; dark, comedic, sinister, vulgar…yet lovable; requires a strong presence that is playful and mysterious. Must act, sing (some in German), move well, and be comfortable with bawdy/suggestive staging/choreography.
• Age range: 25-50 • Accent: German
• Vocal range top: C#5 • Vocal range bottom: C3
Sally Bowles
• A British cabaret singer at the Kit Kat Club. Quirky and flighty. Struggles with knowing the darkness of the reality of her life and has woeful luck in her relationships with men. Must act, sing, and dance well; comfortable with moments of intimacy and bawdy/ suggestive staging/ choreography.
• Age range: 20-40 • Accent: British
• Vocal range top: C5 • Vocal range bottom: A3
Clifford (Cliff) Bradshaw
• An American novelist and English teacher traveling to Berlin. Through his journey he explores the many facets and complexities of his sexuality, politics, and artistic goals.) Must act and sing well, comfortable with stage movement, light dance, and moments of intimacy.
• Age range: 25-40 • Accent: American
• Vocal range top: E4 • Vocal range bottom: A2
Fräulein Schneider
• A landlady who rents rooms to Cliff, Sally, and several other characters in her large flat. She is alone and is resigned to her place in life, but secretly longs for companionship. She is very critical of some people while looking the other way with others; comfortable with stage movement and light dance (waltz). Must act and sing well; comfortable with moments of intimacy.
• Age range: Late 40s-50s • Accent: German
• Vocal range top: A-flat4 • Vocal range low: D3
Herr Schultz
• A Jewish fruit shop owner who falls in love with Fraulein Schneider; sweet, lovable, and adoring; heartbreakingly naïve about the political turmoil in Germany. Must act and sing well; comfortable with stage movement, light dance (waltz), and moments of intimacy.
• Age range: Late 40s-50s • Accent: German
• Vocal range top: high F • Vocal range low: low G
Fräulein Kost (doubles as Kit Kat “Girl”)
• A prostitute who rents in Fraulein Schneider's boarding house; larger than life personality, quick witted and sharp tongued; should be comfortable exhibiting a strong sexual and commanding nature; must act and move well and sing in German.
• Age range: 30-49 • Accent: German
• Vocal range top: high F • Vocal range low: A flat
Ernst Ludwig
• A friendly and likable German, takes English lessons from Cliff, and smuggles funds for the Nazi party; comfortable with stage movement and light dance (waltz); and sing in German.
• Age range: 20-40 • Accent: German
• Vocal range top: high F • Vocal range low: A flat
The Kit Kat “Girls” & “Boys”
• These performers are often in salacious situations and costumes. They are an eclectic mix of types and aren’t necessarily a matching unit. It is very important they act, sing, dance / move well and with confidence. They will be part of various scenes in and out of the Club; should be comfortable interacting with the audience and comfortable with bawdy/suggestive staging/choreography; also sing in German; one doubles as Fräulein Kost, one as Gorilla, and one as Chanteuse.
• Rosie • Lulu • Frenchie • Texas • Fritzie • Helga • Bobby • Victor • Hans (doubles as Rudy, a sailor) • Herman (doubles as Customs Official & Max) •
Age range: 18-40 • Accent: German • All gender-identities and body types welcome
Audition Questions:
Please contact: Stephen Gomer
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