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A group of con men attempt to fool a newly-blind woman into handing over a doll full of illegal drugs. When Susy wises up to the charade, she must level the playing field between herself and the three men.

An innovative, highly entertaining and suspenseful thriller, Wait Until Dark is a game of cat-and-mouse that culminates in a reversal of fortune for the con men as they slowly realize that they have met their match.
What keeps you up at night? Is your family safe? Is someone on the hunt for your loved ones? Or are you, in fact … the one on the hunt for blood? Neil LaBute breathes rich theatricality and provocative life into the story we all know well. Journey with Director Brandon Ferruccio — infusing the classic gothic tale of terror and obsession…  with modern stylish flair and deep emotional impact. A story of empathy and greed, of incapability and power, of lust and love. WCP’s Dracula will pay dramatic tribute to Bram Stoker's dark novel. 
Blue Skies

This 1960’s French farce adapted for the English-speaking stage features self-styled Parisian lothario Bernard, who has Italian, German, and American fiancées, each a beautiful airline hostess with frequent “layovers.” He keeps “one up, one down, and one pending” until unexpected schedule changes bring all three to Paris, and Bernard’s apartment, at the same time.

Rows of Classical Columns

Set in the present day, the play follows the misadventures of two young classics professors, Daphne and Ralph, who accidentally summon the ancient Greek gods of comedy, Thalia and Dionysus, during a desperate attempt to revive their department. As the gods wreak havoc on their lives, chaos ensues, and the professors find themselves caught in a series of hilarious and unpredictable situations.



Cabaret takes place from 1929-1930, a time when Berlin, in the midst of a post-World War I economic depression, is transitioning from a center of underground, avant-garde cultural epicenter to the beginnings of Hitler’s totalitarian regime and the rise of the Nazi Party. Clifford Bradshaw, a struggling American writer looking for inspiration for his next novel.wanders into the Kit Kat Klub, a seedy nightclub overseen by “the Emcee.”  Cliff meets Sally Bowles, a vivacious, talented cabaret performer, and an utterly lost soul. Sally and Cliff begin a relationship, which blossoms unexpectedly into a dream-like romance. Romance and drama unfold in this classic musical that you won't want to miss!

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