The Westminster Community Playhouse will no longer require proof of vaccination or the wearing of masks inside the Theatre.    We encourage our patrons to wear a mask if needed for their own protection.  


For questions, please call our box office at 714.893.8626.

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JUNE 3-19 


Written by Anne Flanagan
Directed by Jim Katapodis 

It has been proven time and time again than artwork is worth a lot more if the artist is dead than while they are still alive. So, what are the financial consequences when it’s later discovered that the artist is still very much alive! Is the artwork now deemed worthless? How can the “deceased” artist enjoy all the proceeds of their artwork without revealing that they are in still alive. Join us for a great comedy with plenty of surprises when an artist does all that they can from being discovered alive and well. 

Dates Coming Soon!

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Written by Rachel Sheinkin
Lyrics by Donna di Novelli
Music by Rachel Portman

Directed by Patricia Miller

Through the magic of live theatre, the musical follows the Ingalls family's journey westward and settlement in DeSmet, South Dakota where Ma and Pa Ingalls hoped to make a better life for their children. It tells the story of their struggle to keep their land claim. In story, song and dance, we see the Ingalls suffering the hardships of winter blizzards and prairie fires as well as rejoicing in the settlement of land and town. Most of all, the story follows Laura as she grows from the wild child who loved to run free into a woman who embraces the responsibilities of her own future while struggling to remain true to herself. 

The Youth Theatre Arts Program at the Westminster Community Playhouse 


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August 5-14